Denzil Walton: Freelance Writer in Belgium

British by birth, I now have joint British-Belgian citizenship. I have been a freelance writer in Belgium for over 30 years. I work from my home in Kortenberg, between Brussels and Leuven.

For me, the term “freelance writer” covers a multitude of roles: technical copywriter, industry blogger, editor, proof-reader, journalist, conference reporter, social media content creator …

I have provided high-quality writing services to companies operating in a wide range of industries throughout Belgium and the Netherlands. Over the years I have also worked with companies in Stockholm, Helsinki, Paris, Frankfurt, Toledo (Ohio) and Phoenix (Arizona).

Freelance writer in Belgium, Denzil Walton, lives near Leuven

I write because I love writing, whether it’s to convince, encourage, inform, or simply make complicated subjects understandable.

How it all began

How I became a technical copywriter was a stroke of good fortune. One of my first published articles was in the New Scientist magazine. It was on the subject of graduate unemployment (I was an out-of-work biochemistry graduate). I didn’t think for one moment that it would lead to a job. However, the article was seen by an account executive in a technical communications agency in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He happened to be looking for a new trainee writer. Apparently liking my writing style, he invited me to an interview and offered me a job as junior technical copywriter. That was in October 1983. After four years at that agency I moved to Belgium to set up as a freelancer, which is where I have been ever since. You can read a full account of this story if you are interested.

What else do I write? I run a popular blog called Discovering Belgium, which I started in 2011. As a keen hiker and amateur naturalist, it is full of interesting and sometimes “off the beaten track” places to visit in Belgium. If you’re new to Belgium, or planning a vacation here, perhaps it’s something you could visit?

If you’re looking for a freelance writer in Belgium for a specific task, why not drop me a line?

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