5 Reasons why a Conference Report is Essential

The conference you organized is over. The keynote speakers have shared their key notes. The presenters have presented. The breakout groups have broken up. The Q’s have been A’d in the Q&A. The Gala Dinner has been fully digested.

Writing a Conference Report by Denzil Walton

Everyone seems to be patting you on the back and telling you it was a highly successful conference. Even the VP Marketing comes over and shakes you by the hand.

“You did a great job,” she says with a broad smile. You feel yourself glowing, until she adds:

“When will the Conference Report be ready? Send it over as soon as it is. I’m looking forward to an overview of the main findings, a summary of all the breakout groups, all the Q&A’s in full, and I hope you captured all those comments during the roundtable session; they were invaluable.”

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