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Looking for a Conference Reporter?

I am a freelance conference reporter and note-taker. My focus is on providing clear, concise and accurate reports of conferences, seminars, webinars, workshops, and other meetings and events.

Here are some meetings that I have covered:

  • European Scientific Working Group on Influenza (ESWI): Reporting on the annual ESWI Influenza Conference and the annual ESWI Science Policy Flu Summit.
  • One Health Platform: Reporting on the annual One Health Congress.
  • European Commission: Attending and reporting on:
    • Judicial Training;
    • Meeting of the Subgroup on Equality Data;
    • Advancing LGBTI Equality in the EU;
    • Informal Group on Combatting Anti-Muslim Hatred in the EU;
    • High-Level Group on Non-Discrimination, Equality and Diversity;
    • Application of the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights;
    • European Humanitarian Forum 2023;
    • European Employment and Social Rights Forum 2023;
    • Reindustrialisation in a Just Europe;
    • BUILD UP Skills European Exchange Meetings;
    • International Product Safety Week 2022;
    • Next-Generation Internet (NGI) Forum 2023;
    • Implementing the EU Health Technology Assessment Regulation;
  • QED Brussels: Reporter at more than 50 events on EU policy issues including Cybersecurity; Financial Benchmarks; The Future of EU Payments; Big Data; EU/US Financial Regulation; and others.
  • Honeywell Industrial Automation: Reporting at 15 Annual EMEA User Group Conferences.
  • A European metals association: Reporting on various workshops and events such as EU Sustainability Week; The Future of Rail; Digitising Energy; Clean Energy Package.
  • European Industrial Research Management Association (EIRMA): Reporting on seminars with varied topics such as Digital Product Passports; Intellectual Assets Management; Innovation Excellence; Implementing Responsible Innovation.
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