Looking for a Conference Reporter?

Providing a written, comprehensive record of an event such as a conference, congress or workshop – including the discussions, the decisions, the (dis)agreements, the Q&As, and the action points – is something I have enjoyed doing for a number of years.

Asking a specialist Conference Reporter such as myself to perform this task makes sense. I can devote all my time during the conference to focus on the event and capture all the key messages. I can then devote the necessary time after the conference to write and deliver the report in a timely manner.

This is generally a more efficient approach than using an internal person to make a conference report, as he or she may simply not have the time – nor the expertise or experience – to fulfil this task.

The finished Conference Report can be used in a multitude of ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Distribute it to delegates: It will remind them of the event, and give them information that they might have failed to hear, or forgotten.
  • Distribute it to your employees who couldn’t attend: This can be good for corporate morale, as they will feel valued and included, even though they were not present at the actual event.
  • Use it to remind presenters and delegates of actions: During Q&A sessions and open forums in particular, people can easily make commitments which they then forget to follow-up. A Conference Report gives them a gentle nudge of actions they need to take.
  • Use it as a basis for your post-event press relations and public relations: For example, you could use the material in the Conference Report for one or more press releases.
  • Use it to promote next year’s event: It’s a ready-made promotional tool.

As an experienced Conference Reporter, I work with speed, efficiency and quality.

Here are some references for this type of work.

For a number of years I have worked closely with QED, an independent meeting organizer specialized in creating a forum for dialogue between policy makers, regulators, NGOs and companies. I have written reports on more than 50 QED events, on topics such as:

For 12 years I attended and reported on the annual EMEA Users’ Group Conference of a major global industrial automation & control company.

For one of my clients I was the on-site reporter for three days at the EU Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels in June 2019. I also provided social media support with real-time tweets, and articles on LinkedIn.

I am regularly asked to write transcripts of presentations given at major Health Conferences. Examples include:

Most recently I was one of the Rapporteurs for one of the European Commission’s high-level conferences on LGBTI Equality in the EU.

Other topics I have written conference reports for include:

Sometimes I am asked to attend the event. At other times I am sent the audio files.

If you are looking for a Conference Reporter for an upcoming event, feel free to contact me. I would be delighted to discuss how I can support your event.

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