Editing & proof-reading

I categorize editing as either Basic or Advanced. Basic editing (which to me is the same as proof-reading) involves checking spelling, punctuation, grammar, basic phrasing and terminology used. Advanced editing goes one step further to improve the actual content.

I can handle all types of files such as .rtf, .doc, .docx, .pdf, PowerPoint, Excel, and others. Corrections are indicated with Microsoft Word’s tracking features, or on PDFs as notes. This enables you to see all the changes I have made. Sometimes I will explain why I thought they were necessary.

What kind of editing do I perform?

Quite simply, anything you want me to edit and optimize. This could be marketing communications material, websites, business documentation or correspondence.

I have also edited dissertations, theses, academic essays and technical papers.

In addition, occasionally an author requests me to edit their book. As a published author myself, this is something I am happy to do.

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