Denzil Walton’s technical copywriting portfolio

Renewable energy

For four years I wrote for Leonardo ENERGY. This Brussels-based global initiative helps sustainable energy professionals manage the energy transition. One of my tasks was editor of the DecarbEurope blog. This involved researching, writing and promoting weekly blog posts on the topic of decarbonisation. I performed a similar task for the Leonardo ENERGY blog where I wrote on topics such as:


Over the years I have enjoyed getting to grips with some of the latest technologies being developed and implemented in various industry sectors.

One such technology is Artificial Intelligence. Radix is a Belgium-based AI company that invents, designs and develops robust and innovative AI-powered software solutions. I provided significant content for the Radix website. The task also included Search Engine Optimization.

For a number of years I was a key member of the communications team of a global provider of automation solutions, and enjoyed writing brochures and case studies on the state-of-the-art in process control and automation. This also involved attending 14 of their annual users’ group conferences and providing in-depth conference reports.

A few years ago I wrote the press kit for the launch of one of the first hydrogen fuel-cell cars to be released in Europe. I also had the privilege of “driving” (or not!) one of the vehicles in a fleet of driverless cars that was put to the test in Belgium in real-life situations.

I have attended a conference on Industry 4.0 and written the report on the event, and produced case studies for a leading provider of semiconductor packaging and electronic assembly solutions.


For three years I worked with the JEC Group, the world’s largest composites organization. JEC represents, promotes and helps develop composite markets by providing networking and information. JEC contracted me to write a series of articles for their JEC Asia Business Review. Published every two months, each issue included three or four articles of mine. Topics I covered include:


Working with the European Copper Institute has opened my eyes to the variety of forms and alloys of copper. I was asked to write a series of articles on copper alloys, which were published on LinkedIn. Here are a few examples:

Fluid handling

This refers specifically to paint, lubricants, sealants and adhesives, and the various pumps, mixers, sprayers and applicators necessary. Such equipment is used in the construction, manufacturing, processing and maintenance industries. My role with one particular client in this sector is to write semi-technical articles for the trade press, based on input from product and/or marketing managers. Topics I have covered include:

  • Surface preparation equipment for the marine industry
  • How to spray epoxy coatings
  • Spraying fireproofing material
  • Adhesive bonding of car headlamps
  • The key to good corrosion protection
  • Pumps for hazardous fluids
  • Components of an Intelligent Paint Kitchen

Steel fibers

My work with Bekaert, a globally active Belgian company dealing in steel wire transformation and coatings, is an excellent example of client-copywriter collaboration, particularly in the area of white papers. Bekaert’s product specialists and marketing managers will draw up basic content for a white paper. I will then edit the content and improve the structure if necessary. After a few iterations we end up with an approved white paper. Examples include:

I also support Bekaert’s marketing communications activities with content for product leaflets, websites and internal newsletters.

Free-From Food

The Free-From Food industry is booming, as more and more people become aware of the health benefits of avoiding gluten, lactose and other allergens. For the past five years I have supported the Free-From Functional Food Expo, a trade exhibition and conference aimed at this fast-growing market. My role involves interviewing manufacturers, distributors, retailers, analysts and health organizations for short articles for the exhibition newsletter.


I never knew public lighting could be so fascinating. Did you know that there is a type of streetlight with a modified light spectrum that doesn’t confuse bats? Or that low-red spectrum lights can be installed on offshore oil & gas platforms to prevent nocturnally migrating birds from being distracted on their travels? I’ve gleaned plenty of facts like these from over a decade of writing PowerPoint presentations, video scripts, case studies and white papers for a major globally active lighting company.

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