Over the years I have enjoyed getting to grips with some of the latest technologies being developed and implemented in various industry sectors.

For a number of years I was a key member of the communications team of a global provider of automation solutions, and enjoyed writing brochures and case studies on the state-of-the-art in process control and automation. This also involved attending 14 of their annual users’ group conferences.

Recently I wrote the press kit for the launch of one of the first hydrogen fuel-cell cars to be released in Europe. I also had the privilege of “driving” (or not!) one of the vehicles in a fleet of driverless cars that was put to the test in Belgium in real-life situations.

I have attended a conference on Industry 4.0 and written the report on the event, and produced case studies for a leading provider of semiconductor packaging and electronic assembly solutions.

I enjoy reading about, following, and contributing to discussions on the latest developments in high-tech on Twitter and LinkedIn.