Technical copywriting by Denzil Walton

What do you need?

What kind of technical copywriting are you looking for? Here are nine common communication tools that you might be considering, and that I can write for you:

  • Press articles: I’ve had over 200 articles published in local, regional and international newspapers and magazines, and ghost-written many more for specialist trade publications.
  • Blog posts: I support a number of clients who have come to realize the benefits of a regular blog post to build an audience, strengthen their brand and improve their visibility and ranking.
  • Websites: Creating copy that works well on the web is essential. Therefore, I strive to write content that is easy to read and understand, and that prompts readers with relevant calls to action. Moreover, I ensure that your web content reflects your SEO strategy.
  • Conference reports: I make sure that valuable conference discussions are clearly documented by producing professionally written reports, minutes of meetings and executive summaries, not forgetting the results of Q&A sessions, roundtables and breakout groups.
  • Video scripts: Looking for content for a video to promote or explain a product or service? If so, I can develop a logical structure to the storyline, and write the voiceover script, on-screen captions and sub-titles.
  • Social media content: I develop relevant and focused content to help drive engagement and build momentum on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • White papers: The combination of my technical background and journalistic experience enables me to write credible white papers that read like experts talking to fellow professionals.
  • Newsletters: An engaging internal or external newsletter will help you keep in touch with your focus group or reach out to a new audience.
  • Case studies: Give me the basic facts and I’ll conduct interviews if necessary to produce a compelling story, whether it concerns a product, application, service or solution.

Why use me?

When looking for technical copywriting support, it’s good to find someone with key strengths.


I have been technical copywriting for over 30 years. After being trained in the Howard technical communications agency in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, I moved to Brussels to set up as a freelancer in 1987.

Technical understanding

Having worked with companies in a range of industries over the past 30 years, I have built up extensive technical knowledge of all types of products and services. This means I can easily talk with and understand the briefings and input of product managers and technical specialists.


I can easily adapt to your specific requirements. You might require in-house writing support for a few days, on-site help at a conference, or an urgent press release. Whatever type of writing or editing support you need, I will do my best to give you the professional help you need.

On-time delivery

I know all too well that you have tight deadlines to meet. That’s why I aim for the shortest possible turnaround of projects.


Whether I am working for you directly or via an agency, I enjoy working as a member of a communications team. For some clients I have been part of their internal communications team for over two decades. This aids brainstorming, reduces misunderstandings, and helps the quick, efficient production of communications material.

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