UX writing

UX (User Experience) writing is a specific type of writing, primarily for online or digital platforms such as apps and websites. The purpose of UX writing is to guide the user through a process, from start to finish. Ultimately it should give the user an excellent experience when they use your website, app or software. UX writing covers information copy such as headlines, subheaders, body copy and captions, as well as interaction copy such as forms, logins, prompts, CTAs, notifications, error messages and tips.

We have all come face to face with poor UX writing. An app that is too complex to use. Software that is difficult to understand. A website that is confusing to navigate. Poor UX writing leads to a frustrating user experience.

What makes good UX writing?

Good UX writing has to be clear and concise. Space is often limited, so brevity reigns supreme. At the same time, UX writing has to serve a purpose: to move the user on to the next stage, level, task, action etc. So UX writing has to be functional and useful. But this doesn’t mean dry and academic. It should be a delight to read, even, in some cases, fun. Getting the balance between all these aspects can be challenging. But hey, that’s why specialist UX writers exist!

Looking for a UX Writer?

I have experience in UX writing and will happily discuss your project with you. Just drop me a line.

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